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The Seers Conference Perth, Australia

 I just got back from Perth, Australia and had a great time! I spoke a few times and ministered at "The Seers Conference"  at Living Faith Community Church. It was a fantastic time full of God's presence and revelation and I spoke on "The Power of Your Destiny". About 60-70 people were ministered to after the message. It was fun! Afterwards, I left for the next meeting, which was at a Vietnamese church. That service went very well! A young man was delivered from a strong demonic bondage. Praise God!


During the week, I also was at a young adults meeting. One young man was there and had told the leader that this was his last time to come unless he saw the supernatural. He was going to give up on God. He was called out for prophesy and another minister and myself prophesied to him and read his mail, without knowing he had made this meeting his last chance with God. He is now convinced that God is real! How awesome is that!






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