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​In over 30 years of ministry, Scott Abke has pastored local churches, mentored leaders in several countries, and preached prophetically at conferences from South Korea to South Africa. His deepest desire is to equip believers and help them discover their God-given destiny.


Characterized as a “prophetic revivalist” – a description that he wholeheartedly embraces – Scott is often asked to bring apostolic and prophetic insight into ministries and local churches. He believes ministry needs to happen within the framework of relationship, and is committed to establishing these kinds of relationships. As the son of a pastor, Scott cares deeply about encouraging leaders and helping them maximize their gifts and callings.
Gatherings at which Scott ministers are marked with a profound sense of God’s presence, prophetic impartation, and physical healing. Scott has experienced two dramatic healings in his own life and has a passion to see people healed and whole.
Scott has earned international respect as a seasoned prophetic minister, teacher, and singer. He and his wife Janet just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. They met as music students in a touring ensemble while in college. Today they reside in San Jose, California, where their two children, Whitney and Aaron, are embarking on their own careers in ministry.
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